Jan & Jerry

Guess who's piloting one of these planes.

Captain Lauren Kolod

Granddaughter of Gary & Janet Kolod

Mary Meyer

Vincenza & Chuck Liptak's Truck.

Kenny, I think this party's over!

Bob & Jeanne Antantis & daughter Tina

Gordon's Steelermobile

Staci, Andy, Marci & Ryan


Rocky Bleier, Ken Bronder and Terry Hanratty

      in front of Ken Bronder's Steeler bus

Okay, pay attention to the short one.

Linda Keller, Judy & Tom Kiffer,

      Josh & Erin Werner

    (on their honeymoon)


      Jan & Jerry Brough

Cindy and Al

       Saint Vincent's

Steelers Training Camp

Gordon and Franco Harris at Pittsburgh Airport

Bob Lammie in Kansas City



 Don't tell Marc

Mike Begalla, Denise Dezee,

Susan and Paul Landers

Karen Lammie & Martha Matter.

Jan & Jerry (again)

Cindy Weber

Al & Daniel Kraus

Bettie & Marc Decker

   travel over 50 miles

         each way from

          Moore Haven  

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