Fan Club Rules

Original Steelers Fan Club


  1. The game day drawing is only for people in attendance. Please do not bring your absent wife's or neighbor's ticket. You can only deposit one ticket per game..... YOURS.
  2. Tip your waiter or waitress generously. Remember that we occupy that table much longer than a normal lunch or dinner patron.
  3. Seats can only be saved until the game starts. Then you must let them go to people who are actually there. No exceptions - per the management.
  4. Reserved seating is at the sole discretion of the management, not the fan club.
  5. Your support in buying memorabilia and entering the cup of cheer drawings is what allows us to give away approximately $4500 in cash and gifts at the year end drawing. To be fair, you’ve got to come to at least five games and support your club in order to be included in the year end drawing. If you're a snowbird and you need an exception because you won't be in Florida yet, contact Gordon.
  6. The fan club will gladly accept donations of items to give away at halftime.
  7. Club memberships will not be refunded under any circumstances. After all, it is only $5 for the whole year.
  8. If you lose your membership card, please see a staff member to purchase a new card. Membership card purchases end with the first December game.

        The fan club staff will not be responsible if you are not paying attention

        during the half time drawing. Going.....going.....gone!