Our History:

In 1994, the Original Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Fort Myers was formed. Jerry Brough from Neville Island and Don Hazen from Elwood City contacted a local tavern to see if they would open it to Steelers fans. From that day the fan club has grown to 353 strong. Our most esteemed members are Hall Of Famer Jack Ham and Ben Roethlisberger's grandparents Frank (and the late Fran) Foust. The fan club has members as far away as England. We were honored to have Derek and Sue Paine from England join us to watch the Super Bowl in 1996 against the Dallas Cowboys and they returned to the United States to watch the 2006 Super Bowl. Membership costs only $5.00 per year. This entitles each member to a chance to win one of 4 Steelers memorabilia at each regular, playoff and Super Bowl game, AND, the Big giveaway at the last game. The club has 7 staff members. The only officer is Karen Tice, the treasurer. Each staff member has a job to do, such as purchasing the Steeler memorabilia, membership committee, Facebook page, fan club website, sales and so on. The staff has not had a formal need for named officers, as each and every one knows and does his or her job.....true cooperation.




Your Fan Club Staff Members:


Gordon Lytle                 West Newton, Erie

                                             & North East

Ken Wyrick                   Columbus

Martha Matter               South Park

Paul Matter                   South Park

Bettie Decker                East Stroudsburg

Marc Decker                 Shawnee

Honorary Staff Members:

Jerry & Jan Brough      Neville Island 

                                           & Coraopolis

Cindy Miller                  Elwood City

Dana Darche                Elwood City

Barb Pastorius             Pittsburgh